Travel Training

Travel Training is a self-paced process where an individual can learn to ride the public transportation system. Through the program you learn a variety of travel skills that will enable you to ride independently. Travel Trainer will work with you to learn transit routes to travel anywhere you want to go.

A Travel Trainer is an individual that helps hesitant new riders become more comfortable with riding public transportation. A Travel Trainer is responsible for meeting with the Mobility Manager to tailor to your transportation needs.

The initial position was funded by The New Freedom Program/WI D.O.T. for RCTC to hire, train, and implement.

Individuals 13 years of age or older. Anyone under 18 years old requires consent of parent or caseworker.

  • Seniors/veterans
  • Those with disabilities
  • Those who need to go to and from work/school
  • Those who are looking for employment
  • The community (a newfound ability to travel)

As long as you need it to. It could take a couple of days or a couple of weeks. The Travel Trainer with be flexible to your schedule.

Anywhere! Learn how to go from work, school, church, friend’s houses, doctor’s office, and even to the post office.

Making a Reservation

5 Easy Steps for Ride Reservation

  1. Please call as soon as you know you need a ride.
  2. Provide your name, address,  and number of riders.
  3. Inform dispatch where you are going, appointment times, and how the trip will be paid.
  4. Inform dispatch if you use a mobility device, or if you require a personal attendant to assist you.
  5. You will be given a “window of time” for your pick-up. The driver will wait 3 minutes.

*Cancel reservation as soon as you know that no ride is needed.