Services for Seniors & Persons With Disabilities

Ladysmith Fresh Market

FREE Round Trip
City of Ladysmith Senior (60+) residents only

Reusable bags for grocery transport are recommended.

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Ladysmith Fresh Market

Discounted Fares

No-Touch Fares Coming Soon

City of Ladysmith
$0.75 one way (students, persons age 60+ and persons with disabilities)

Monthly Bus Pass – Unlimited Rides
$30/month (persons age 60+ and persons with disabilities) 

Bus Tokens
$15 for 24 tokens
One token = Two trips (persons age 60+ and persons with disabilities)

Rusk County Senior Center

FREE Rides to the Rusk County Senior Center

  • Social activities start at 8:00AM
  • Lunch served at 11:30AM
  • Center closes at 1:30PM

Making a Reservation

5 Easy Steps for Ride Reservation

  1. Please call as soon as you know you need a ride.
  2. Provide your name, address,  and number of riders.
  3. Inform dispatch where you are going, appointment times, and how the trip will be paid.
  4. Inform dispatch if you use a mobility device, or if you require a personal attendant to assist you.
  5. You will be given a “window of time” for your pick-up. The driver will wait 3 minutes.

*Cancel reservation as soon as you know that no ride is needed.