Bus Buddy Program

Our Bus Buddy Program is a volunteer based program designed to provide on-on-one support to any individual in Rusk County who requests assistance with our transit services. This would enable individuals to get assistance when attending social events, expanding shopping activities, and medical/business appointments.

We encourage community members to inquire about our Bus Buddy Program.

Making a Reservation

5 Easy Steps for Ride Reservation

  1. Please call as soon as you know you need a ride.
  2. Provide your name, address,  and number of riders.
  3. Inform dispatch where you are going, appointment times, and how the trip will be paid.
  4. Inform dispatch if you use a mobility device, or if you require a personal attendant to assist you.
  5. You will be given a “window of time” for your pick-up. The driver will wait 3 minutes.

*Cancel reservation as soon as you know that no ride is needed.